Sentence Correction -1


Direction: Which of the phrases A,B,C and D given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold type to make the sentence grammatically correct

1. IF Indian people are united ,this nation can become a source of strength of the entire world.

A. Could become a resource of

B. Can become a resourceful of

C. Would be a source in

D. Can become a source with

E. No correction required  Soccer ball

2. All their effort were direct to promote harmony among various group of people .

A. Were directing to

B. Were directing at

C. have directed for

D. Were directed to  Soccer ball

E. No correction required

3. What Did Happen in their in first place is not a matter of our concern.

A. What happens

B. What would have happened

C. What happened  Soccer ball

D. What would have happened

E. No correction required

4. The speaker highlighted the contribution of women for bringing about Social changes.

A. For Bringing in

B. in Bringing of

C. for the brought over

D. in bringing about  Soccer ball

E. No correction required

5. Such inequalities can be founded enshrined in the constitutions of other countries also.

A. Could have been founded

B. Can be founded  Soccer ball

C. Could be founded

D. Could have found

E. No correction required

6. The local authorities were never bothering to care about unfortunate happenings.

A. Were never bothered to Soccer ball

B. never bothered to

C. Never were bothering to

D. Were never bothering to

E. No correction required

7. Indians Outlook on the world is composing of these various elements

A. Is composed of  Soccer ball

B. Is composed by

C. Is composing with

D. Has been composing at

E. No correction required

8. How religious intolerance can blight social peace and harmony can be gauged form events take place around the globe .

A. Taken place over

B. Taking place around  Soccer ball

C. Took place around

D. Taken place in

E. No correction required

9. The exploitation of helpless tribals needed to condemned.

A. need to be condemned

B. needs condemnation Soccer ball

C. needs to be condemned

D. need to be condemnation

E. No correction required

10. The Fact Finding the Team which Had been to the area found villagers giving information to police .

A. Which had been for

B. That led ot

C. Which led to

D. That has been to

E. No correction required  Soccer ball


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