Current Affairs 03

Q1) What is the name of China’s new city on disputed island Isle ?
a) Sansha
b) hinte
c) Avers
d) Tin Tin

Q2) Who has been appointed new chief election commissioner of India?
a) Hamis mehar
b) V S Sampath
c) V Y Querashi
d) K M krishna

Q3) Who has taken over as ICC president ?
a) Sharad Pawar
b) Sang-Hyun
c) Alan Isaac
d) None of these

Q4) Who has been crowned Miss Asia pacific” ?3
a) Shweta Singh
b) Himangini Singh
c) Vanya Mishra
d) None of these

Q5) Which of the following Israel scientist won World Food Prize 2012?
a) Dany ufgol
b) Sammy Hardwe
c) Daniel Hillel
d) Xavier lusanto

Q6) What is the India’s ranking for total foreign wealth deposited in Swiss bank ?
a) 48
b) 50
c) 53
d) 55

Q7) ASBA scheme is related to purchase of ?

a) Cricket
b) foreign currency
c) IPO
d) None of these

Q8) India has set to become the …. largest shareholder in the IMF ?
a) 4th
b) 6th
c) 7th
d) 8th

Q9) Where is the headquarter of IMF?
a) Switzerland
b) London
c) Denmark
d) Bangladesh

Q10) Who has been awarded Seoul Peace Prize?
a) Ban Ki-moon
b) Nalson Mandela
c) Anna Hazare
d) Barak Obama

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